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Nothing Goes Unchecked

Many parents fear whenever they leave their children under the care of a babysitter. Will that person take good care of the child? What will happen in the case of an emergency? Besides babysitters, many mishaps can fall upon a house, from pranksters breaking a window to thieves stealing a family’s valuables. However, with a wireless home security camera, homeowners can finally know about everything that happens on their property. If a crime were committed on their property, wouldn’t every homeowner want to know exactly what happened and who did it?

Setup and Operation

A wireless home security camera can cost as little as $50, making it a viable option for every household. Installation takes only a few minutes to screw the camera into a wall or ceiling, supply it with power, and configure the wireless signal for the receiver. Receivers most often record a video feed to a VCR or DVR (digital video recorder) box, although the latter is becoming more popular with its greatly enhanced recording capacity, able to keep weeks of video feed at any given time. Many automatic recording devices begin to record over the oldest video feed whenever the capacity is reached on a medium, whether it be a video cassette, DVD, or hard drive within a DVR box.

Because cameras can be so tiny, they are easily hidden behind a flower pot or in a dark corner. Many include night vision that switches to a normal color spectrum whenever a strong light source is present, making them ideal for all times of the day. Wireless cameras have many advantages over traditionally wired cameras, from their ease of installation to ability to be quickly moved hundreds of feet away while remaining entirely operational the whole time. Beyond that, recorders for a wireless home security camera can generally support more devices than wired recorders can, meaning a wireless owner can easily double the number of cameras without having to buy a new recorder.

New cameras have many new types of technologies to suit any need. Underwater capabilities make some cameras fit perfectly in an aquarium, and a tiny “bullet” wireless home security camera will fit just about everywhere else. Night vision provides illumination even in the darkest nights, and high-resolution cameras can pick out every detail in a room. Digital and optical zoom can provide surveillance over a large distance, so that a camera located on a house could have a video feed of a pool hundreds of feet away, making it perfect to keep an eye on the kids from the living room. With such a cheap price tag, ease of installation, and various capabilities to suit any occasion, every house needs a wireless home security camera.

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