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Identify Burglars

A large number of burglars are already arrested each year because of security camera systems. Everybody from bank robbers to the people who run red lights are already identified and caught on video evidence. Property owners might have this high-quality security product also by using a home surveillance camera system for their home. The same as in the movies, robbers, vandals, and also other lawbreakers could be recognized from recorded video feed if a homeowner has one of these camera systems.

Components of a Good System

The first objective of a home security camera system is to obtain evidence of every crime that occurs on a property. While a security alarm system will alert anyone in the house and emergency services to anyone breaking in, a camera system will be able to prove who committed the crime. With that objective in mind, a camera system cannot operate with a source of electricity. If the power goes out, all of the components in a home security camera system will want a battery backup power supply so that they may continue to function.

A good system also uses a DVR (digital video recorder) box to record video feed to a DVD or hard drive. Weeks of video feed can be recorded without user interaction, and a simple user interface allows the owner to call up any recorded video feed within seconds. The recording is automatic, and some DVR boxes will begin recording over the oldest video feed once its data capacity has been reached. The only drawback to a digital recorder is that once the data has been erased, in most cases it cannot be retrieved. However, the likelihood that a crime will occur without the owner knowing is minimal, and a user of a home security camera system can always turn off the feature that records over past video feed.

Wireless and Wired Camera Systems

In the past, a home security camera system was always wired. Now, wireless cameras have become popular due to their ease of installation and maintenance. A person only has to hook them up to a power supply and configure the signal to send video feed to the recorder. Wired surveillance cameras require a direct cable towards the recorders, needing much more work to set up, however, creating a stronger video feed signal. Other wireless devices such as cordless phones, remotes, and wireless networks may interfere with wireless camera video feeds, causing distortion to image quality or preventing the signal from reaching the recorder at all. When installing a wireless system, a user should check the image quality of the video feed to verify that the signal is strong and not interfering with other wireless devices.

Using a home security camera system, home owners can easily be assured that anybody who breaks or cracks inside their home or commits against the law on their house could be recognized and caught by the cops.

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