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Home Security Video Camera

Many homeowners feel more secure when their home is protected by a security system and when planning to install one, the choice of a home security video camera is important to the integrity of the overall system. There are many types and styles available for use in a wide range of prices and the choice of a home security video camera to connect to your system will hinge on a few considerations.

First of all, the amount of money in the budget for a home security video camera that works with the system will help decide on the quality of video that is produced by the camera. While many black and white cameras are available at reasonable prices, there are some models of color cameras that are only a few dollars more and can help with visual imaging as well as for use in identification and prosecution.

Additionally, how many you install will also be determined by the price of each home security video camera and how it relates to the overall budget picture. You can gain insight as to where cameras should be placed by visiting home security sites or by simply conducting your own security survey to determine the best location for a home security video camera.

Choosing Home Security Video Camera Locations Requires Thought

Where to install a home security video camera will require some advance planning, as with many systems, two separate cables will be required for each camera. One coaxial cable will be needed to feed the camera’s image to the viewing or recording device and another two-wire cable will be needed to power the camera. There are wireless cameras available to allow for efficient installation that also operates from a battery, but frequent camera use will also require frequent battery changes.

Each point of entry should be guarded by a home security video camera, outside or inside, and any hidden exterior windows should also be covered. If the security plan calls for a monitoring station in which live camera feeds can be observed as they are recorded, each cable will need to run to their respective device. When running cables for the cameras, the shortest route possible should be used and running more than one cable at once will reduce installation time.

Exterior cameras can be placed into tamper-proof exterior housings that are also weatherproof and can contain all the wires leading to the home security video camera, reducing the chance of it being disabled.

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