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Home Security Surveillance

Home security surveillance equipment has long been used at shopping centers and banks for its part in helping police officers identify suspects of crimes. Recently, the technology has become cost efficient enough for mainstream residential use, and many home security packages now include surveillance as an included component. If someone does break into a home and steal valuables, home security surveillance can aid police officials to catch the thief and return the stolen goods.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Having visible cameras obviously, could lead to many thieves and other unwanted guests destroying the camera and the hard copies of their escapades. However, cameras today can be incredibly tiny, and now many are hidden in seemingly normal objects such as smoke detectors and even stuffed animals. Home security surveillance is very covert, unlike the huge foot long security cameras from thirty years ago. Even the cameras that are not concealed as a normal household object are usually only a few inches long and can easily be hidden in a darkened alcove or behind a corner.

Ease of Use

Home security surveillance is very easy to set up and being operating. Traditional wired systems still exist, and each camera would be wired directly into the recorder, now usually a DVR (digital video recorder) box. Some recorders copy the video live to a permanent hard drive disk while others copy the video to a CD or DVD, all requiring little to no user interaction to regulate the recording of data. Even easier yet to install and run is wireless home security surveillance. All cameras are set up at remote locations with no wiring to the recorder. Instead, wireless transmitters send signals to the recorder, making the entire installation much easier. What was a day or two long job with wired systems takes only an hour with wireless systems.

With wireless systems, some cameras can transmit video feed more than half a mile, making them perfect for a whole property so that owners can even set up a camera to watch a shed across the lawn. And if privacy is a concern, wireless systems run on an encrypted data transmission over a 2.4 GHz connection so that the neighbors won’t accidentally pick up the video feed on their network.

Home security surveillance can start as low as several hundred dollars for a complete system with several cameras and a recorder. Some premium systems with more recording capacity and cameras can run up to a few thousand dollars, but the safety of a home has no monetary value. If a burglar does break into a house with home security surveillance, the likelihood that the police will be able to identify the culprit and return the goods more than triples. Isn’t it time to get protected?

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