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Should I get an Alarm System

With my house being just one house in a large neighborhood, do I really need an alarm system in my home? The odds are against me, right? We all seem to think nothing bad can happen to us, after all, stuff like this only happens to other people, right?
There are over 2,000,000 burglaries a year in the United States alone, which equates to about 5500 per day.  And this is just in the United States!

I’m a renter, do I need an alarm system?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or a renter, being safe is being safe.  Naturally, there are limitations if you’re a renter, but there is always a security system that can help protect you and your family, along with your possessions.

Sadly, even though the statistics show the staggering number of break-ins happening around the country, only 14 percent of homes have a security system installed.  Given the available statistics, the number of security systems in our country should be a lot higher.
According to the FBI, 1 in 3 homes will be broken into when they don’t have a security system installed, whereas 1 in 250 that do have a security system will have the same fate.  This level of insurance should not be overlooked when considering the safety of your family.

Doesn’t a burglary only happen while I’m on vacation?
The short answer: no!

More than half of all break-ins (59%) happen during the day, while burglars know you’re at work. Add to this, most of these happen by force, meaning they break a window or door to get into your home.  There is also a high correlation to homes that have lots of shrubbery near the house, so the burglar has a place to hide when cars drive by or other potential onlookers have an opportunity to see them.  If you had an alarm system in place, if your home did get broken into, you would have the police on their way to catch the intruder in the act and be much more likely to recover your property.

Isn’t a security system expensive?

That has to depend.  We won’t go into pricing in this article, nor will we make any suggestions.  However, if you’re looking at a cost of less than a few bucks a day to provide safety to your family and possessions, wouldn’t that be worth it?  There are many systems that are in every price range, so don’t let costs deter you.  A low-cost system is still better than no system at all.

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